Friday, 24 February 2017

thumb up, Renulek!

I had to restart it again, after I noticed that those were not true onion rings, I had also used the JSS in the second ring but in row2 the join point in the centre is used as a connection point, too.
So, you see, the second one (on the left) has been started with one ring, then with the second shuttle I tatted the chain around it, joining the centre picot with a shuttle lock join.

That is round 1 of the new, beautiful doily by Renulek, you can find the pattern row-by-row of her Wiosna2017 in her blog, or maybe you are impatient and can have the pattern of the whole doily at her etsy shop.

I'd say "thumb up!" to Renulek, if I only can! I've installed a new app in my phone, that is called Speechnotes, that is supposed to recognise words as I speak. It works like a charm with my Italian, so I tried myself in English... "sum app, some apps, philip, humber, some apps, zumba, some app, thumbs up, some app, zumba app, sum up, the map, song app,..." Ok, I should work on it. I'm very thankful that at least I've learned to write a little!

Anyway, a new project deserves a new purse, doesn't it?

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

more of these

That is because I - like many others - long for springtime.
Also Renulek has started her new Wiosna2017, how could I resist? (why should I resist!!!)

I also tried one butterfly with a size 20 thread, it turned out pretty nice as well! Pattern is in previous post.

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Friday, 17 February 2017

who needs a paperclip?

Did I say it before? I love butterflies! I still have a lot of bugle beads, only 10 are needed for this one-shuttle pattern:
(BB = bugle bead)
Six rings: (NOTE all bugle beads are in the core thread, so not in the ring's loop, they slide in place from the shuttle)
R1: 1-1 BB 6-1 BB 1;
R2: 1 BB 1 +(join to R1) 6 BB 6 BB 1;
R3: 3--(long picot)3 ;
R4: 1 BB 6 BB 6-1 BB 1;
R5: 1 BB 1 +(join to R4) 6 BB 1; Join to first picot in R1
R6: 6, close, tie and cut the thread.

I cut the long picot for antennas and inserted the paperclip in R6 and R3 rings.

Simple rings can do magic sometimes, isn't it?
I'm not sure I need many paperclips, but they are fast and easy. Don't worry, they can't fly away, exept those that have already been "kidnapped" by my mum!


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

out of the corner

Thank you for visiting me, I wish you a happy Valentine!
I've just tatted a little heart, at a glance you can't even see those superduo beads, the same color of the thread:
If you'd like looking at more hearts, try this link:

I'm very slowly tatting my two edgings, but I managed to have 2 corners for the white one and one corner of the hanky.
Not so much for today's post, but I wonder if you glimpsed my header bar where I've added an "about me" page...

P.S. I updated the post sbrilluccicante  to add the link to the video offered by the "Georgia Seitz Advanced Class" channel. Thank you for watching.

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Friday, 10 February 2017


The vintage tatting has been cheering up my days. I'm tatting the second corner of the Priscilla's white edging. Then, last Saturday, I bought two lovely hankies in a market stall, under a pile of secondhand clothes. But it seems they have never been used, there's the label still attached. I love hankies, I just couldn't leave them.

The first one has bright colors. It's so lovely, it's worth a tatted edging, isn't it.

Thread is dmc size 80, pattern is from Priscilla Tatting Book #2, Fig. 2 page 3. It's not the first time I've tatted this pattern and I can remember that some years ago I had troubles to get it done correctly.

(In the photo, there's also the TIAS 2017, thank you very much for the fun, Jane Eborall!)


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