Tuesday, 13 March 2018


A friend's given me a clear crystal, diamond shaped, asking for a bezel with tatting. The shape is odd and the "diamond" is lovely and sparkling. She's a very nice lady and I like challenges with tatting, so I've started the game 😍

The pattern is quite similar to the centre of the "Under an African Sky Doily" designed by Jane (  pattern's link is in her blog), a beautiful doily that I tatted in 2014.
I remember that I could tat the centre with interlocking SCMRs thanks to a tutorial posted by HisKid (Tatting Lace in Grace) here: Interlocking SCMRs
I hope to write down the stitches' count, before I forget!

During these last days I've been very busy with my friends of the local lace association, we are running an exhibition of original old lace from 1600 and 1700.
In a little corner there is also my little embroidered work, with knotting. I will share pics of that, in a week.


Tuesday, 6 March 2018

old lovely square

I noticed this square only thanks to Moraih in Craftree. She shared the pattern as an alternative for the project tat a monument in pink by Cathy.

Cathy has extended the deadline to 30/3/2018! She wrote this in Facebook:
"If you'd like to share information outside FB, there is a Flickr album where translations and patterns are above other pictures. Don't be angry that I did not copy the textes. "

Remember that there's time till the end of march for sending your squares to Cathy. Anyway, I won't send these 2, I tatted them just because of the pattern, I couldn't resist!

I started from one little ring 6-6, then tatted the first inner ring as a mock ring and so the center with a second shuttle, leaving the bare thread to mimic a picot. The following 3 inner big rings are true rings. The outer rings are mock rings too, and I added 2 very small joining picots to keep them in position, something very useful that I learned from other tatters online.

Original pattern is from
published in 1935. I used size 80 dmc special dentelles, colours are grey number 762 and pink number 3608.


Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Muskaan's heart

It's lovely when a person's smile inspires us, even if he/she is someone who we've never met and don't have an idea of what their face looks like. Maybe some of you know that I've been calling Muskaan "the Smiling Lady", so here it is a link to understand the reason why (click on the "Listen" button):मुसकान

That is a little heart designed by Muskaan, that really inspires me smile:
Thread is DMC size 80. Link to her pattern is here:

I made some adaptation for I used a different thread's size. I started hiding the second colour thread inside the first stitches of the ring for the heart. I changed a little the dimple, in fact, after the third picot, I tatted 3ds, then took a loop of thread, then 3ds more and joined to the previous picot. That is like in picture 4. in this post of mine:
Then in the surrounding tatting, I started from the chain, hiding the tail of the first colour thread left at the beginning, 8ds and then the second clover and tatted her first clover in the end. Also, I tatted 9ds instead of 8 in the last chain.

I haven't tatted a lot during the last weeks. Actually, I've been knotting and embroidering, but the finished piece it's going to take a little part in a local exhibition of lace, so I can't show it till after the end of the event. Sorry dears.

I also hopefully will finish a doily. I had tatted the first 6 rounds because I thought it would have fit the dollhouse's table, but then I discovered that it 's bigger. I can't do anything else that continue it and use it in my "real-size" home 😍 . Pattern is from "Il lavoro Chiacchierino" by Mani di Fata and that is the doily on the cover of issue 13. Thread is white Anchor Artiste Mercer Crochet, size 100.

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

a little heart

Today only a little heart, but so pretty! Thank you Muskaan!

I've used DMC size 80 thread. I'm not fully satisfied, I should tat a second one!
She wrote about it here:
Sorry Muskaan, I've tatted the "dimple" with 6 ds instead of 7.


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

quite a story

I've been knotting, tons of simple knots not flipped, not the same knot we use in tatting. That is my feeling, it is a different knot, even if I discovered that the shuttle is very useful to hold the thread. So the same or similar tool, the shuttle, but also the movement is different, now I have my right hand a little cramped and the left wrist tired... I'll soon be back tatting!

I've used three moulinè stranded embroidery skeins, wound together.

There's a site that has very useful infos about knotting, it's a great help for anybody who'd like dipping their toe in the water:

Then I've googled in search of pictures, but couldn't find any that really I liked, so I drawn 2 flowers and now here it is on the fabric:

About the fabric, there is quite a story to tell: it is pure cotton (I think) and I was told that it was from a parachute, picked up after the second war by my granny and her mother in law, cleaned and reused for clothes, sheets and tablecloths.


UPDATE:  My granny is 97yo, she's deaf but lucid and I could ask her, she remembers well that parachutes and confirmed they were pure silk. The fabric described in this post is pure cotton. They used to live near the parachuting school based at the military airport, and she used to sew for her family, also reusing other discarded wwii paratroopers' fabric and other generic military fabric.

Thank you very much for all your nice comments.